Roberta Diaz Brinton, Ph.D. is a University of Southern California Professor of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering and Neurology. Dr. Brinton is also the Director of the Center for Scientific Translation, LA Basic Clinical Translational Science Institute and Director of the STAR science education program. She is an internationally recognized neuroscientist in Neuroendocrinology and Alzheimer’s disease.

Professor Brinton holds a joint appointment in the departments of Pharmacology and Pharmaceutical Sciences, Biomedical Engineering in the USC Viterbi School of Engineering and Neurology in the USC Keck School of Medicine. Dr. Brinton has 150 scientific publications, co-founded of a biotechnology company and holds 3 patents. Her research has two goals: 1) elucidation of fundamental cellular mechanisms of cognitive function and neural defense; 2) and the application of those principles to the discovery and design of therapeutics for the prevention and treatment of disorders of the nervous system. These basic science discoveries has led to translational research endeavors to prevent, delay progression of pathology and treat Alzheimer's disease.

Dr. Brinton serves on Advisory Boards of the Alzheimer’s Drug Development Foundation, National Institute of Mental Health, Society for Neuroscience, Women’s Health Initiative Memory Study and Alzheimer Research Forum. Dr. Brinton has also volunteered for 20 years as the Director of the USC Science, Technology And Research Program (STAR). The STAR program provides science K-12 education experiences each year for inner city disadvantaged and principally minority Los Angeles school students. The overwhelming majority of children the STAR Program serves fall below the poverty line. Her philosophy is not to lower standards but rather to provide everything necessary to support students to meet high academic, personal and achievement goals. The STAR Program has a proven track record of developing young scholars of the highest caliber regardless of their gender, ethnicity or economic hardship.


Dr. Roberta Brinton, awarded
$ 8 million by NIH grant to fund major USC Alzheimer's disease prevention effort.


Dr. Brinton was named Science Educator of the Year by the Society of Neuroscience 2006 and a "Best Mind of 2005” by U S News & World Report. She was awarded Outstanding Woman of the 24th California State Senatorial District. Earlier, she received the USC Associates Award for Teaching Excellence, selected Professor of the Year by the USC School of Pharmacy and and received USC’s first "Remarkable Woman” award. She was a recipient of the 2010 Presidential Citizens Medal award namely for her decades long service to the community with the USC STAR Science Education Program. In 2014, Dr. Brinton was honored as LA Magazine's Woman of the Year for her outstanding achievements as a female neuroscientist and the remarkable success of the STAR Science Education Program over the past 25 years.

Dr. Brinton earned her Ph.D. in Psychobiology and Neuropharmacology from the University of Arizona as a National Institutes of Health Predoctoral Fellow. She continued her postdoctoral training in Neuroendocrinology at Rockefeller University as a NIH Postdoctoral Fellow and joined the University of Southern California in 1988.